© 2018 Aguas

Artist-run curatorial platform promoting artists from Latin America and Europe


Exhibition title: Agua del día (upcoming)


Dates: June 21 – June 28, 2018


Opening: June 21, 4pm – 10pm


Venue: Bâtiment Vanderborght, 5th floor, 50 rue de l'écuyer, 1000 Brussels


Curated by: Rodrigue Mouchez


Artists: After Howl, Martin Belou, Aline Bouvy, Julie Escoffier, guadalajara90210, Valentina Jager, Javier Peñalosa,

Jorge Satorre, Ling Sepúlveda, Ula Sickle, Ben Van den Berghe & Alexey Shlyk and Charlotte vander Borght


Graphic design: Alaric Garnier


Artist and artistic team residency: Collection Alain Servais, Brussels, Belgium


Photography: © We Document Art, all images courtesy of AGUAS and the artists


Intern / Press and artist coordination : Ruben Puerta


Agua del día is a twofold exhibition presented in Mexico City in February and in Brussels in June 2018

Bâtiment Vanderborght, Brussels